AUTOGLASSFIT SA is a purely Greek company with shareholders technicians in the industry. It specializes in the marketing and placing of any vehicle's type glazing such as passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, tractors, machines, trains and all kinds of safety glass implementation.
The Company’s history begun back on 2000 when a group of technicians, each one owner of an independent small firm, from Thessaloniki created the first Association under the name ‘’Association of windscreen technicians of Northern Greece’’. Gradually this association became National adopting a new name ‘’National windscreen Technicians Association’’. Also those technicians-owners, founded the Cooperative Windscreen Supplying Organization (SYTKOE). Through this organization autonomy of imports was secured for their branded products. On 2012 the members of both organizations, SYTKOE and the National technicians Association, decided to create a public limited company under the name AUTOGLASSFIT SA.  The new company replaced SYTKOE and the Association on almost every kind of activity.
AUTOGLASSFIT SA has nationwide presence with 61 official workshops, and 36 partners with 48 mobile units. The network is supported by two warehouses one in Athens and the second one in Thessaloniki.  Meanwhile our network gradually adopts a new logo ‘’GLASSFIT’’ and new colors green and blue. This new appearance will distinguish our stores from our competitor’s.
Working with most insurance companies, workshops, automotive dealers, rental companies, tourist offices, construction companies, public services we promise a high level of service.